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At CutPrice Timber, we have been providing timber packages to carpenters, builders and owner builders across Newcastle and its surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Our one-stop-shop offers most of the timber requirements your building needs to achieve lockup.

With expert engineering and precision manufacturing, our timber products satisfy unique specifications at the highest quality and most cost-effective price.

Our Full Product Range

We quote, plan and deliver all sorts of timber supplies in comprehensive packages.

  • Posts
  • Beams
  • Plates
  • Rafters
  • Ceiling joists
  • Gable framing
  • Parapets
  • Box gutters
  • Fascia and barge
  • Eave linings
  • Cladding
  • Deck structures
  • External handrails and stairs
  • Pergolas and screens

The Benefits Of Timber

Just as affordable and light as it is durable and strong, timber requires relatively little effort and time to install. With our timber packages, you can.

Build Faster

Our timber materials are delivered to your site ready for installation. These easy-to-carry products are simple to install with basic building equipment, so you can speed up construction with minimal labour and less cleanup. All of this, without compromising on quality.

Spend Less

Thanks to its lighter weight and fewer engineering demands, timber is cheaper than brick or stone. As timber products are also faster to install and easier to repair, you’ll enjoy lower on-site carpentry fees and maintenance costs.

Enjoy More Design Options

Able to be cut, nailed and bolted, timber is renowned for its versatility and flexibility in construction. As well as serving a whole host of functions, its many shades, grains and finishes encourage personal design that creates a unique property.

Insulate Efficiently

The tiny air pockets in timber allow for natural insulation, so your building’s temperature can be regulated with less energy usage. What’s more, the sizeable spaces between timber frames mean that insulation materials can be installed without losing valuable room space.

Stay Green

Timber is a renewable and natural construction material, which is produced with less energy and responsible for fewer CO2 emissions than alternatives like steel or plastic. Sustainable harvesting methods ensure that this eco-friendly resource is protected.

Timber Types

We offer treated, primed pine and hardwood timbers, all of which bring their own advantages and applications.

Treated Pine

Chemically treated using insecticide and fungicide to protect the timber’s natural strength, your building will endure years of use without wear and tear.

H2 Pine

H2-treated pine defends against termites and borers. It is used specifically for interior structures, such as wall frames and roof trusses.

H3 Pine

H3-treated pine is designed for weather-resistance, but also offers protection against termites and borers. It is recommended for external use.

H3-treated Primed Pine

Ready for painting, primed pine is finger jointed and/or laminated for greater stability, durability and length. It is ideal for any above-ground structure, from cladding to handrails.


This solid timber looks as well as it lasts, adding classic charm to any room. We deliver structural and non-structural hardwood for a range of building uses such as TnG Flooring, Cladding, External stairs and Decking.

Most Popular Products In Our Packages

With our tailored packages, you can choose from a comprehensive range of quality timber products to help you reach lockup stage – plus a few more!

Wall Frames

The essential bones of any build, our pre-assembled and scantling frames are built to last. Robust yet easy to handle, you’ll enjoy flexible design with the unparalleled ease of timber.


External cladding offers insulation and resistance to decay, withstanding decades of weathering. It transforms any exterior, adding value and charm to the property.

Roof Trusses

A crucial roof support, your roof truss has to be built with appropriately strong timber. Our prefabricated timber roof trusses are engineered to withstand time with simple installation.


Assembled with both functionality and style in mind, timber screens provide peaceful privacy through an elegant design feature wall.

Posts, Beams & Rafters

These heavy-duty timber members carry the weight of your structure with ease. We deliver posts, beams and rafters of various shapes and sizes to support all construction needs.


Add the finishing touch to any outside space with a beautiful pergola. Timber pergolas will compliment the look and feel of your property, adding the perfect shaded lounge area.

Eaves Linings

Eaves are roof edges that hang over your building’s side, throwing water beyond its walls. With so many styles available, their decoration enhances existing architecture to make the most of your build.

External Stairs

Enjoy safe steps for a lifetime with our timber stairs. Strong and sturdy, they offer a secure outdoor function with the visual appeal to match.

Bearers & Joists

Criss-crossed to support the heaviest loads, these structural members brace the flooring above – bearers connect to concrete footings, brick piers or timber posts, with joists attached atop.

Our Engineered Timber Products

Engineered timber products are made by binding wood-based components together with structural adhesives to create composite structures. From home flooring to industrial beams, these manufactured timber products can be used for a variety of building applications.

Secura™ Flooring

This hard-wearing, lightweight subflooring supports tile, vinyl or carpet finishes both inside and outside your building. Fast and simple to install, it defends against moisture damage.

Glue-Laminated Pine

Manufactured from bonded laminations, GluLam looks great and is lightweight. Offering increased strength and dimensional stability for larger cross sections and longer lengths, it enables open planning and flexible interior layouts.

Particleboard Flooring

Particleboard provide quick and cost-effective flooring across large spaces. This robust substrate is best under tiles, vinyl, carpets, parquet and floating floors.


Plywood sheeting is the oldest and most versatile engineered timber product – and it’s even stronger than steel, kilo for kilo. Formed from stacks of wood veneer adhered together under heat and pressure, it is suitable for panelling, structural bracing, decorative lining, and cladding.

Tongue and Groove Flooring

Tongue and groove (T&G) joints connect timber boards to form a single, even surface. Our premium T&G flooring adds life-long support and style for your property.

Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL)

Consisting of veneers that have been rotary peeled, dried and bonded together, LVL can be manufactured in great lengths. This affordable, high-strength material is ideal for structural framework components, such as beams and rafters.

Decking & Handrails

Perfect for building upon uneven ground, timber decking is a simple and cost-effective way to achieve your dream outdoor lounge or entertainment area. Make it extra safe with primed pine handrails.

Our Services

Guaranteed Quotations

Enjoy guaranteed quality, quantity and quotation. We work out the required timber materials from your building plans, costing it all up with a single quote so that you can set and stick to your budget.

Construction Layouts

Our construction layout details which product, size and length has been supplied for every section of your building project, as well as information on each individual delivery.

Materials & Delivery

Our itemised deliveries ensure you have everything you need, every time. Timber construction has never been so hassle-free.

Our Process

Receive the best timber products for your build in three simple steps.

1. Provide us with your building and engineering plans, as well as any additional specifications.

2. We prepare and send you a quote for approval, along with expert advice on materials and design.

3. Your timber products are delivered to the site with a detailed construction layout for installation guidance.

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