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Combining a natural glow with enduring stability, timber flooring is a classic that adds character and value to your property. Our beautiful and durable timber floor materials are delivered straight to your site, where they will last a lifetime.

What Is Timber Flooring?

Timber flooring uses wooden floorboards that are available in a variety of structural and aesthetic designs.

When it comes to flooring choices, the strength, versatility and simplicity of wood have made it an all-time favourite across Australia.

CutPrice Timber are experts in supplying quality timber flooring to owner builders and contractors in Newcastle, Hunter Valley, Port Stephens and the Central Coast.

With four decades of experience under our belts, we’ll quote and deliver the perfect timber floors for your build.

Our T&G Timber Floor Solutions

From Tasmanian oak and red mahogany to spotted gum and blackbutt, we supply heaps of timber flooring types so that you can find the ideal colour, texture and finish.

Our solid timber floorboards are precision-milled with end-matched tongue and groove (T&G) profiles.

Essentially, flooring joints connect two timber boards to create one, even surface.

Hardwood from top to bottom, our quality T&G flooring offers life-long support and style for your space.

The Benefits Of Timber Flooring

Flooring is a key feature of any property, so it needs to be sturdy, long-lasting and easy on the eyes. Thankfully, our timber flooring offers all of the above.

Timeless Style

Due to the heavier weight and extra engineering, brick and stone are more expensive. Timber frames are also faster to erect, particularly with us at your service – The slashed build time of a prefabricated wall frame means lower labour fees. To top it off, timber is relatively wallet-friendly to maintain.

Easy To Clean

With our custom pre-assembled frames, all materials are ready for install as soon as they are delivered. These lightweight frames are easy to erect using basic building equipment, saving you time, money and energy on construction. Not to mention there’s far less building debris to clear.

Decades Of Durability

Timber is known for its versatility and variety of uses, with different trees offering distinct shades, textures and functions. Flexible and lightweight, timber frames encourage a more personalised design. Because the unique look and feel of your completed build is what makes a house a home.

For Every Budget

Unlike many environmentally-damaging alternatives, timber is a renewable and non-toxic building material. Its production consumes up to 60% less energy than other construction materials, which results in lower CO2 emissions. It also ages naturally, without harming the ecosystem.


Its structure holds tiny air pockets that serve as natural insulation for your building, so you can heat up or cool down with less energy usage. Additionally, insulation materials can be installed in the extra space between timber frames without thickening the wall, ceiling or floor.

Our Services

Guaranteed Quotations

We will determine the necessary timber materials and expenses from your building plans. This fixed quote means that you can budget for any project.

Construction Layouts

Our clear construction layout explains exactly which product, and size is included for each section of your timber flooring, along with details of any individual deliveries.

Materials & Delivery

With our reliable delivery service, timber floor installation has never been more convenient. Scheduled into itemised deliveries, we will ensure you have everything you need, every time.

Our Process

Get awesome timber flooring products with three simple steps.

1. You send us your building and engineering plans, together with any additional specifications.

2. We work out a guaranteed quote for your approval, providing expert advice on products and design.

3. Your unique timber flooring is delivered to your site.

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