Frequently Asked Questions

We do both extensions, new houses and commercial projects, of any size and complexity.

We quote any size job from a deck, pergola, carport or garage to multi storey units and commercial developments. No job is too small or too big.

We often supply commercial jobs like schools, motels, childcares, nursing homes, showrooms, office buildings, etc.

There is no charge for a quote.

We do not charge to make the changes unless we are already committed to material that is to be changed. Obviously the timber requirements of any changes will alter the price [either up or down]. We issue a Variation Sheet monthly that shows a running total for the job.

We can supply most timber products within one week of order placement but some timber products may have longer lead times for availability. Preassembled frames and truss lead times vary greatly depending on the plant’s workload. We strongly suggest that you notify us as soon as you decide to accept our quotation, irrespective of the required delivery dates. This gives us as much notice as possible so that we have time to review your job, complete the Construction Details and order the timber to meet your schedule.

No. We deliver in stages to suit the construction timetable. This reduces the chance of theft, weather damage and misuse of the timber. It means that your site is more manageable and can also assists your cash flow.

We abide by the BAL requirements as advised by yourself or as noted on your plans.

We try to have the quotation ready for you in 10 – 15 working days. However, as quotations take an average 12 hours to do we cannot always meet this time frame. Talk to us if your quote is genuinely more urgent.

We have supplied many, many extremely complicated architecturally designed houses. Our years of experience means that they are no issue for us.

You can use Visa or MasterCard. We apply a 1% fee to cover our costs.

For clients who do not hold a trading account with us we require a minimum deposit of approximately 25%. Payment is the required for each delivery and the deposit is held in advance until it is applied to the final deliveries. For small orders we may require the total to be paid before any delivery.

Builders can apply for a 30 day trading account with us.

We guarantee that any items listed in our quotation (and any changes made) include the correct quantities, quality and suitability of use in accordance with AS1684 and the plans that you supplied. If requested, we issue you a certificate at the end of the job confirming this.

If means that you will not get any nasty increased cost surprises.

This guarantee is not available from our competitors.

You will receive an easy to ready construction layout and a sceduale showing timber sizes, quantities and locations for plates, studs, noggings and heads.

Flatbeds and semitrailers, subject to load size. All have hiab cranes.

We can supply virtually all species

No, but we can recommend carpenters for you to contact.

Our Showroom is limited but we can certainly advise you and head in the right direction.

H2 pine is treated for protection from termites. It must be protected from the weather.

H3 pine is treated for protection from termites and for external above ground use.

H4 pine is treated for protection from termites and for external inground and above ground use.