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Our Timber Bearers & Joists Floor Systems Solutions

At Cutprice Timber, we design and recommend the most appropriate flooring products for your structure, whether it be downstairs, upstairs, in the bathroom, on the deck or a charming mezzanine.

Specially engineered bearers and joists, including I-Joists and LVL, can deliver great, long-lasting benefits. Depending on your floor requirements, we will recommend I-Joists, LVL, pine or hardwood.

What are Bearers & Joists Floors?

When you walk into a building, the first thing you may notice is the floor. The rich, dark wood, shining despite years of general wear, standing up to the test of time and traffic.

What you don’t see is what’s underneath. Flooring is a structure in itself, much like walls and roofing, demanding the support of an expertly designed timber bearers and joists flooring system.

Bearers and joists are the strong foundation underlying every timber floor. A bearer is either made from timber or steel fixed to piers sitting on the ground, while floor joists are laid across the bearers, creating a load-bearing, secure frame for the floor structure. Flooring such as particleboard, fibrous cement, decking or T&G timber flooring are fixed on top of the joists.

Our Timber Bearer & Joist Floor System Solutions

The components for a structural floor system can be complicated. Details like product type, spans, loads, suitability of use, connections to steel, cantilevers, bushfire requirements and appearance all come into the equation.

Custom-Made, Easy to Install

Cutprice Timber deliver custom pre-assembled frames, meaning all wall components are ready to go as soon as they arrive. Lightweight and easy-to-erect, save your building budget for stuff you shouldn’t DIY, as these frames can save you the hassle of contracting an on-site worker. Not keen on doing it yourself? Our team is able to recommend trusted tradespeople to do your installation in addition to supplying timber products.

Decades of Durability

Timber is resilient, functional and beautiful. It can be used to enhance the appearance of your house. This versatile material is available in countless distinct colours and textures, from blackbutt to jarrah, reflecting the unique properties of natural world around us. Flexible, lightweight and adaptable to your design needs… in the right hands, timber has the potential to transform a house into a home.


Energy efficient homes take advantages of the minute air pockets in the timber, providing natural insulation in summer and winter. Did you know timber is a renewable, non-toxic building material? Wood consumes up to 60% less energy than other construction materials, leading to a reduced carbon footprint and a natural aging process that doesn’t harm the planet.

For Every Budget

Cutprice Timber is proud to offer a competitive range of timber products, bearers and joists. Our team of timber technicians will find the fit that’s best for your monetary needs in addition to your building goals, ensuring your wish becomes a reality to the best of our ability.

Our Services

Guaranteed Quotations

Plan your project effectively with our fixed, guaranteed quote. We will determine where and how your building plans could benefit from floor joists and bearers, recommending solutions based on your needs.

Construction Layouts

Our construction layouts will highlight which product, from type, to size and length is included per section of your timber floor structure noting individual delivery details so time management doesn’t become an issue.

Materials & Delivery

We ensure you have everything you need, on time, every time, scheduling itemised deliveries to make timber floor installation easy. We swear by our reliable delivery team!

Our Process

Get expertly crafted and customised timber bearers and joists in three simple steps:

1. Send through your building and engineering plans and don’t forget to include any additional specifications!

2. We assess what needs to be done and generate a guaranteed quote, providing expert advice on products and design.

3. Following final approval, your unique timber flooring is delivered to your site.

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No Timber Bearer & Joist Floor job is too complicated or extensive for our expert team. Whatever its complexity or scale, we will quote and deliver the right timber products from leading manufacturers.