Prefabricated Timber Roof Trusses In Newcastle

We Offer Quality Roof Trusses For Any Type Of Build

When it comes to prefabricated roof trusses, Cut Price Timber has got you covered. Our premium timber roof trusses are expertly designed and promptly delivered to your site. With everything you need on your doorstep, all you have to do is take care of the installation.

What Is A Roof Truss In Construction?

Roof trusses are a key component of your building’s framework

A truss system’s triangulated structure supports the main joinery in holding up a roof and combine with rafters and purlins.

Dating back to the medieval times, this clever weight distribution is fundamental to modern day timber construction.

At Cut Price Timber, we have over 40 years of experience in supplying prefabricated timber roof trusses to owner builders and contractors across Newcastle, Port Stephens, Hunter Valley and the Central Coast.

The Advantages Of Roof Trusses

Prefabricated roof trusses have been a cornerstone of Australian construction for decades. Discover why almost 80% of homes today are built using these sturdy structures.

Simple To Install

Because we supply them as a complete package designed specifically for your project, roof truss components are ready for assembly when they arrive at your door. As a result, installing roof trusses takes much less time than stick-built roof systems – Often only a single day.


The cost to install roof trusses is typically lower than that of classic stick-built roofs. This is thanks to labor savings on easier installation, as well as shorter lengths of lumber. Roof trusses with long open spans can be especially affordable, reaching up to 15 metres without any internal supports.


Our timber frame roof truss designs are tailored to unique building plans, and therefore optimised to carry the specified weight. That means roof truss systems can bring nearly any conceivable roof design to life without blowing your budget, including cathedral ceilings and cross gables.


Renewable building materials are few and far between, but timber is one of them. 100% natural, timber is safe to handle and ages without decomposing into harmful toxins. By planting new trees every time wood is harvested for timber production, we can ensure a sustainable resource cycle.

Our Services

Guaranteed Quotations

We offer guaranteed quotes, quality and quantity, working out the required timber materials from your building plans. With our expert knowledge, you’ll know your fixed costs before you’re charged.

Construction Layouts

Our stress-free, colour-coded construction layout explains which product, size and length is required for each part of your project, as well as details of any individual deliveries.

Materials & Delivery

Our trusted delivery service brings quality materials straight to your site. You will be supplied with all of the required components in itemised stages, ready for installation upon arrival.

Our Process

The right roof truss for your build is only three steps away.

1. You provide us with your building and engineering plans, as well as any key specifications.

2. We supply you with a quote for approval, providing expert advice on materials and design.

3. Your prefabricated wall frame is assembled and delivered to your door with a clear construction layout.

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